Isle of Donkk (and Donkk Line)

Myself and a few people I met online in a community based around a sandbox game called Stormworks had plans to stream gameplay.

The name comes from one of their usernames, Donkk, and the in-game landmass named after him by the developers for his contributions to the community.

The font is similar to that which exists in the game and the island silhouette is a simplified version of the landmass found in-game.

Donkk also had an ingame company called Donkk Line transportation, for which I made the logo and colour scheme. Examples of that, as well as other Stormworks community contributions I have made are below.

Top tier community...

The Stormworks community got a few graphics from me.

Chat box

For the stream we would need a chat box. Stormworks is an ocean rescue game and the wave effect on the top of the box was all to good of a fit.

Donkk Line logo

The logo was inspired by a combination of the shipping containers used by cargo ships around the world and Ikea. The logo itself is also the same ratio of height/width as the very common 20' shipping container.

Discord Icon

The discord server we frequented needed a slightly more official look to it, so I took it upon myself to make a proper server icon. The icon uses the acronym for the server name made out of cubes to represent the voxel based grid that everything ingame is based on.

Server splash banner

When new players join the discord server they would see a standard discord banner. It was decided that we should have a unique banner instead, and so I was voluntold to get to work. I took inspiration from the game again with the darkened image with punched out vibrant text. The ship in the background is one of the most popular creations made by a SCIDS member as well. The image itself was taken during the daytime as can be seen in the SCIDS text, but the rest of the image is visually the same as the in-game foggy nights.