What's good? What's poppin?

I'm a designer and you have found my portfolio. Currently in 3rd year graphic design at Algonquin college, I'm always looking for a new artistic challenge. Come on in and have a look, I do a lot of icons, branding, some motion and logo work. I like to do stuff with clean lines and bold colours, not to say a messy aesthetic isn't off the table for me, it just isn't where I tend to go.

Check out my motion reel below.

Check out a few case studies?

Check out a few case studies!!

CU New Democrats

I did some digital work for the Carleton University New Democrats.


Torochain Financial

All graphics and visual design elements were made by me at this Ottawa tech startup.

Get financial

Isle of Donkk

A side project with some international friends who all enjoyed the same game.

Enter the Isle