Torochain Financial

I worked for this tech startup as the sole designer of all graphics and company visuals in cooperation with industry professionals in both business and technology.

The company started off with a, to quote the CEO at the time, "bland and not very interesting" logo. It was actually a completely different name as well.

Despite the huge amount of work to be done, I was able to create not only a logo to represent the new company and it's youthful energy, but a whole brand to go along with it.

Some of the best stuff...

A lot of graphics were made in my time at Torochain...

Email Messages

The wording and visuals of the email messages that would be sent out by the company, like the confirmation message above.

Pillar Diagrams

The company functioned based on three pillars, and incorporating that into a visually interesting diagram that showed their cooperation rather than showing them as standalone pillars helped greatly.
(It's also a toroid)


I created a variety of simple icons that could be used in multiple places, both print and digital, and at multiple sizes.

Process Diagrams

A very important part of Torochain's goal was to get potential customers and clients to understand the complicated processes that the company was leveraging to bring better trading to the table. Most of this was not easy to convey in a digestible manner, so it was decided a visual approach was needed. I used the company colours to create a visually interesting diagram showing the process Torochain would use.

Application UI/UX

I worked with both front-end and back-end developers to create an application that had all the necessities and helped further the professional image of Torochain Financial.