Groovy lines guide your eyes

My style

Sometimes I will sit down and doodle out whatever it is that comes to mind. Not exactly a crazy thing for a creative to do, right?

My style involves simple shapes, lines and curves of different thicknesses, and 100% black and 100% white.

Originally I was inspired by the dazzle patterns on warships from the first world war. The idea behind the dazzle pattern was to make it harder to make out what was on the ship.

As it turns out, the same concept also produces a very attention grabbing visual style, some pieces almost drag your eye towards them.


Lines and curves and shapes and dazzles oh my!


Here is a card I made for my parents for valentines day, it stood out quite a bit from the standard hallmark.


An excerpt of some of my better doodles, these were done during the great tornado power outage of 2018.

More doodlez

A poster I made for a friend, he really loves Johnny cash, so I made him a poster with one of his best songs! (and some artistic flair)