To start off with, I'm not actually a quilter. My mother, however, is a professional longarm quilter and is more than happy to realize my designs in thread and fabric.

The quilt to the left here was accepted into the Quilt Canada 2019 National Juried Show in Ottawa, Canada, and attracted a fair amount of attention.

The design was made to draw in the viewer, usually seeing the quilt hanging on a wall from far away, with a multi-layered approach. First you see the solid white broken by a dazzle pattern of only triangles, then as you get closer you begin to notice small flecks of colour between the triangles. Your brain might think its an optical illusion, a fair guess considering the pattern, but on closer inspection there are actually tiny triangles of colour all throughout. By the time you see these, however, you can also see the very dense quilting that covers the entire quilt.

I should make another...

Let's get a closer look.


You can see the dense pebbles that cover the quilt, complimented by the colourful triangles and the faint yellow swirls.

Almost floating

The super dense quilting and the double batting makes all the detail pop out, and the lack of quilting on the triangles helps make them look like they are floating above the business below.